Baron Tailor

A tailor with a vision. The sophisticated craftsmanship of Baron Tailor combined with the use of fine materials guarantees the impeccable quality of the suits, shirts, and jeans. Material sophistication is just as important as the experience and mastership of the tailors. Fabrics manufactured by Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Holland Sherry, Ariston, Thomas Mason and Söktaş are chosen carefully, and garments are designed according to the client’s request and measurements.

Buying bespoke tailored suit is the ultimate clothing experience. It is the peak of sartorial precision. Achieving a bespoke fit requires 3 fittings during the creation of your suit. Simply, we shape the fabric to your body. Your suit will be your second skin in which to feel supremely comfortable. Every stage of production is delicately hand crafted to guarantee the impeccable quality. 


Our Mission

The Baron Group makes people more aware of the value of successful moments in life and sharing these moments with loved ones. We believe we can inspire, encourage and motivate people to achieve their goals and celebrate successes.

Being part of Baron means belonging to one of the world’s most creative and innovative communities. We foster collaborations that enable our people to enrich their knowledge, grow their network and share their passions.

With Baron Tailor, we believe that when you dress better you feel better.
So we customize your style with exclusive Baron experiences.


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'' Be exclusive & customize your style ''